HSV, which stands for herpes simplex virus, is one of the most common viral infections on Earth. There are multiple types of HSV and they present very differently. The first type of HSV is called HSV 1. This leads to cold sores that can make it hard for someone to eat, drink, or even talk. The other type of HSV is called HSV 2. This type of HSV is a sexually transmitted infection. It leads to genital warts that can be embarrassing for someone. One of the most common questions people ask is whether or not HSV hurts. This is a tough question to answer in some situations.

Addressing HSV 1: It is Painful?

HSV 1 is oral herpes. It leads to the formation of cold sores. When the cold sores are present, they can be painful. There are a few factors that might make the cold sores more painful. First, if the cold sores are exposed to acidic foods and drinks, such as orange juice and tomato juice, they will hurt worse. In addition, if someone makes physical contact with the cold sores, bumping it accidentally with their tongue or fingers, it will hurt worse.

Prior to the cold sores appearing, HSV 1 is not painful. Some people might feel a tingling sensation underneath the surface of the skin. This is a signal that the cold sores are going to appear; however, at this stage, HSV 1 does not hurt.

What About HSV 2?

HSV 2 is a sexually transmitted infection that can lead to the formation of genital warts. In general, the genital warts are not painful. If they grow and start to tug on the skin or hairs in the area, this can lead to itching. If people scratch too hard, the warts may start to hurt; however, as a rule, genital warts from HSV 2 are not painful.

Treatment for HSV: Controlling Pain

If someone is struggling with pain, itching, or irritation from HSV, there are a few options. Many people start by taking anti-inflammatory medications to try and control the pain. If people are struggling with itching, there are anti-itch medications that can be helpful; however, these medications can also make someone feel tired. Finally, in order to help with cold sores, some people find it helpful to rinse and spit with saltwater. This might help the cold sores go away faster; however, in order to truly control HSV, it is important to see a doctor for help.

Rely on HerpAlert for HSV Diagnosis and Treatment

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