Few ailments can cause as much physical and mental distress as cold sores. When someone develops cold sores, their first instinct is often to call a doctor to get an appointment. The hope is that the doctor will be able to provide a prescription medication that will work like a magic pill, helping people recover from an outbreak of cold sores more quickly. Unfortunately, the wait to see a doctor can often be extensive. This is where it is important for everyone to think about alternative treatment options. This comes in the form of over the counter treatments. There are a few options that everyone should keep in mind.

The Abreva Treatment Option

While many people say that patience is a virtue when it comes to cold sores, this comes as little relief for those who are currently living with them. One of the popular treatment options is Abreva; however, some might be skeptical about the effectiveness of this treatment option.

While Abreva isn’t going to work in 24 hours, Abreva has been clinically proven to reduce the amount of time that someone is dealing with cold sores. This means that those who apply Abreva are going to recover more quickly. As soon as that tingle sets in, it is important to start applying Abreva to all of the common areas where cold sores typically show up. Look for the redness and place a generous amount around the affected area. Abreva starts to work on contact and can relieve not only the unsightly appearance of cold sores but also the burning, itching, and pain that accompany them.

Thinking About Lysine

Another over the counter treatment option that might help someone find relief from cold sores is called Lysine. This is an amino acid that is found in proteins throughout the body. Fortunately, Lysine also has some other uses and one of these is the treatment of HSV and cold sores. Using Lysine early can prevent this virus from becoming more active, leading to serious symptoms.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of Lysine on HSV has been known for decades. Studies dating back to the 1980s have shown that taking Lysine can help someone recover from herpes more quickly. Best of all, Lysine tablets are sold over the counter. At the same time, anyone who is considering taking Lysine to help treat cold sores should try to speak to a trained medical professional to discuss dosing.

Propolis as a Treatment Option

Another over the counter treatment option comes in the form of Propolis. This is a resin material that has been used for years to treat a variety of viruses, including HSV 1 and HSV 2. Propolis is typically collected by bees and is used to seal cracks that might take place in their beehives. Fortunately, Propolis can be used for much more than this.

Propolis has a high amount of antioxidants and this is where the antiviral properties come from. Medical research has shown that Propolis might be able to prevent HSV from replicating, dividing, and spreading. This has been backed up by medical research studies and is even sold over the counter.

Dietary Changes During a Cold Sore Outbreak

Finally, one of the easiest over the counter treatment options is to make a dietary change. Those who are dealing with cold sores should do their best to avoid acidic foods. This includes citrus fruits, juices, and tomatoes. Acidic foods are known to exacerbate cold sores and can make it harder for someone to recover from HSV. Therefore, think carefully about dietary choices when dealing with cold sores. This can make a major difference in the overall healing time.

Rely on HerpAlert for Help with Cold Sores

Sometimes, these over the counter medications might not be enough to do the trick. When prescription medications are needed, the wait to see a doctor can sometimes be a week or more. This is too long to wait. That is where the professionals from HerpAlert are here to help. Whether it is herpes cold sores or herpes warts, HerpAlert can quickly connect someone with trained medical professionals who can quickly diagnose someone’s cold sores. Then, if treatment is necessary, it can be prescribed in the blink of an eye. Don’t wait weeks to see a doctor for herpes treatments. Trust the friendly professionals from HerpAlert.