One of the most common viruses on the planet is herpes and most people have come into contact with some form of it during their life. There are multiple types of herpes simplex virus, including HSV 1 and HSV 2. one of the most common types of herpes will lead to a cold sore outbreak.

Those who are familiar with cold sores know the symptoms. Some of the symptoms include pain, itching, burning, and redness. These symptoms can be distressing for someone and many people are looking for treatment options. While meeting with a trained doctor is a good place to start, the wait to see an MD can be long. Fortunately, there are other treatment options that are available as well.

The Diagnosis of Cold Sores

When someone is dealing with cold sores, it is important to get them diagnosed correctly. Cold sores can look a lot like other viruses, sores, and warts. The attention of a trained medical professional can make this happen. Often, doctors are able to diagnose cold sores just by looking at them. Doctors may also request a blood test to confirm them.

Sometimes, patients need to wait to see a doctor. During this time, cold sores might continue to get worse. This is where over the counter treatment options are key. There are a few possible treatment options that patients will want to follow.

Minimizing Pain from a Cold Sore

One of the biggest challenges of dealing with cold sores is the pain they might cause. In order to minimize the pain, it is a good idea to apply ice to the site of the outbreak. Ice acts to dull the pain and can make someone more comfortable. In addition, it is also important to avoid acidic foods. Acidic foods and drinks include tomatoes, orange juice, and other citrus fruits. For many people, this might represent a major dietary shift. At the same time, this is important for reducing the pain associated with a herpes outbreak. Those who have dealt with cold sores will likely remember the pain associated with cold sore irritation. Avoid this with a dietary shift.

Zinc Oxide as Another Treatment Options

Another possible treatment option that can help someone deal with cold sores is called zinc oxide. This is sold over the counter in a variety of forms including Triple Paste, Desitin, and Dr. Smith’s Zinc Oxide. This treatment is used to decrease the duration of cold sores. A medical study performed about 20 years ago showed that zinc oxide can heal patients more quickly than alternative treatment options.

Studies have also shown that zinc oxide can reduce the blistering, soreness, tingling, and itching that goes along with cold sores. Zinc oxide is typically sold as a cream or a paste. Those who are interested in using this treatment option should try to lather the zinc oxide cream onto the site of the cold sores generously. Over time, the cold sores will heal relatively quickly.

Rhubarb and Sage Can Treat Cold Sores

Rhubarb and sage can also be effective at treating cold sores. This comes in the form of a topic cream made out of these two ingredients. A study performed back in the early 2000s showed that rhubarb and sage might be able to heal cold sores just as quickly as some prescription medications. Even though some people might not like the smell of rhubarb and sage, the results when it comes to cold sores have been clear. Those who use a topical cream made out of these two ingredients might be able to take care of the outbreak of cold sores in less than a week.

Rely on HerpAlert for the Treatment of Herpes Simplex Virus

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