Most people are only aware of one type of herpes, and that’s genital herpes. You’ll be surprised to know that there are many other types of herpes such as oral herpes and shingles, or herpes zoster. The main types of herpes simplex are HSV 1 that causes sores when one has a cold, and HSV 2, that causes the dreaded genital herpes. Here are some factors that encourage the outbreak of this virus:

1. Sexual intercourse

This practice is mostly responsible for the spread of genital herpes. The friction during intercourse has been proven to cause skin discomfort, leading to a herpes outbreak. The first sign of genital herpes is a sharp pain which is later followed by sores on the genital area, or anus and buttocks. Symptoms such as bleeding from the sores, headache, and fever are to be expected. Making use of a lubricant that’s water- based can minimize and prevent the outbreak.

2. The Sun

Basking in the sun is good, but scientists have proven that people with the HSV 1 virus cause an outbreak of it if they expose themselves to the sun for long. The ultra-violet rays from the sun activate the virus. Wearing a sun hat is not enough to keep off the sun’s rays. The most effective way of spreventing an outbreak at the moment is applying sunscreen before sunbathing.

3. Stress

Constant stress has been shown to cause an outbreak of genital herpes lesions. People, mostly women with the virus, are susceptible to this. Herpes is a unique virus, in that it stays in a person’s system. It makes the immune system weak and takes shelter in the nerve root, causing no harm, until stress and other factors creep up. Plus, it causes the sympathetic nervous system to be active.

4. Fever

When one has a fever, there’s a rise in the body temperature. One feels weak and experiences a loss of appetite. The increase in temperature causes an outbreak of sores around the mouth, known as ‘fever blisters.’ Most people have these painful sores inside the mouth, making it difficult to talk and eat. Cold sore medication will make the cold sores bearable until they can eventually disappear. Cold sore treatment includes anti-viral tablets like valacyclovir and creams.

5. Hormones

Women with herpes are likely to have an outbreak of the virus during or before their menses, and menopause for older women because there’s a high change of hormones at these stages. Hormones such as progesterone play a significant role in the outbreak of genital herpes. Prostaglandins determine whether or not the woman will have herpes outbreaks. Women with high E2 prostaglandin levels are more prone to epidemics than those with high E1 prostaglandin levels. This is because E2 prostaglandins make herpes worse. Should there be herpes outbreak, herpes medication like valtrex is recommended.

6. Surgery

If you have herpes, going for surgery should be the last thing on your mind, as it’s detrimental to your welfare. The body is subjected to trauma, which can cause an outbreak of the virus. In cases of Cesarean Section or other procedures, talking to a doctor before undergoing them is crucial so that you can know if it’s the right thing to do. A herpes online treatment option will get a  board certified physician to send a direct e-prescription to the patient’s pharmacy of choice. They will most likely recommend Famvir, Zovirax, and Valtrex for hsv1 treatment and hsv2 treatment.

7. Weak immune system

One of the most critical components in the body is the immune system. A strong system ensures that you’re always healthy. On the other hand, a failing immune system puts you at risk of experiencing a herpes outbreak if you have the virus. A treatment such as chemotherapy can weaken your system. Since the body can’t defend itself from any illness, it can’t stop or suppress the outbreak.

8. Food

Certain foods can cause a herpes outbreak while others help in managing it. It’s important to know what kind of diet you should be on for your safety. Eating foods such as fruits, meat, and milk, that are rich in lysine, an amino acid that minimizes the occurrence of outbreaks helps a lot. Foods such as chocolate, fries, peanuts, and gelatin are bad for you since they contain arginine, an amino acid that encourages herpes outbreaks. In essence, eating healthy is a smart move.